Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now that the darkness of winter is over, the light of spring is entering my studio. Sun rays showing dust on my palette and oil paintings. I can see the colors clearly now and feel like painting again. In nature fresh sap greens are replacing the greyish browns and in the greens white blossoms appear . From the inside it looks sunny but once you are outside you feel the cold wind and start to look for you ice cap. Dutch humor. It makes you longing for the real warmth of summer.

I just found a inspiring video clip on YouTube underlining this summer feeling
The two and a half minutes of amateur images show Madeleine Peroux performing near a park in Paris on a hot lazy day in July. The black and white of the movie, the old fashioned hats and clothing, as well as her Billie Holiday like voice brings you in an old time mood. But it is only 17 years ago, and the girl is just 17. At that time she is still completely unknown. At the age of fifteen this American girl became inspired by the street musicians of Paris and started busking in the streets of Quartier Latin. In the video some people are quitely waiting and listening, taking snap shops eating ice creams and forgetting time. Others do care about time and are passing by quickly thinking she is just a street singer, not realizing that Madeleine Peroux will soon be famous.Playing with Lost Wandering and Blues Band ( two guitars, a trumpet and a one-string bass) Madeleine sings the song from the 1930s " Getting some fun out of life". This sounds like a good plan for the new season!

Now there was the first day of real warmth in spring. People were so happy sitting outside on terrace in the park or bicycling in the street and all in a good and easy- going mood. It is a simple and basic kind of happiness equal for rich and poor: the best things in life are free. A song which perfectly catches this mood is Paul Simon's 'Was a sunny day'. He brilliantly describes it in simple lyrics on a light sunny tune:

Was a sunny day
Not a cloud was in the sky.
Not a negative word was heard
From the people passing by.
It was sunny day.
All the birdies in the trees.
And the radio singing songs
All the favourite melodies.